Mini N2O gas canisters?

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Re: Mini N2O gas canisters?

Post by anguz » Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:37 pm

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Re: Mini N2O gas canisters?

Post by Fly_boy_bc » Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:34 pm

Wow I have never seen so much misinformation regarding use of whippits and thrust augmentation. YES whippits DO supply liquid NO2 (as long as you have it right side up) and the engine is called the Microhybrid. Originally designed and sold by Rene Caldera from England. There is a Yahoo group dedicated to these magnificent little thrusters and you can now get DOUBLE SIZE (16 gram) whippits!

As far as thrust augmentation what it does is increase your efficiency at low (sub 100 MPH) speeds by increasing mass flow. As stated before it basically makes a rocket into a pressure jet.

There is a LOT of pressure in a whippit (700-900 pounds/in^2) depending on temperature. So you can spare some of this to pressurize the fuel like a RATTworks Tribrid. You can regenreatively cool the nozzle with the expanding nitrous, ignite it catalytically using platinum (a nitromethane glow-plug?) and use gassious, liquid or even solid fuel (various plastics,paper,wax etc)

The solid fueled Microhybrid is a well developed system. There are full details available at the Microhybrid Yahoo Group.

Gary B HPR in BC

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