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For sale: 600mm 5.2 pound Thermojet

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:08 pm
by metiz
Hey Mike, Thanks for putting this on the forum!


This is a approximetly 600mm Thermojet style pulse-jet that will push 5.2 pounds on propane. It has been run once to determine thrust. A sparkplug nut is welded on the front of the engine to allow for electric ignition, however, this engine can be started with a simple sparkler very easily to. It only needs a small bit of compressed air through one of the intakes to get going and after it has started, it will sustain on it's own. The welds have been ground down to what you see in the photographs. The injectors are welded onto the body of the engine for ease of use.

*Made from 1mm 304 stainless steel that will, if not abused, last a lifetime
*Will throttle to full power as fast as you can turn the fuel tap
*Will run on almost all fuels (even charcoal if you can make some sort of delivery system)
*once started, it will run on it's own without further ignition or compressed air requirements
*injectors made for gas fuels (propane)
*engine weighs 1200 grams

Although everyone probably knows this, for the sake of completion:


pulse-jets are VERY loud and VERY hot. hearing protection is MANDATORY and it is advised to run this engine away from heavily populated areas. The heat produced by these engines will burn anything that comes close, including skin. Be VERY carefull, it is not a toy.

By buying this pulse-jet, you take full responsibillity for any and all damages done to people and property.

I'm looking for 85 euro or USD 112.50


Ships worldwide. Dutch shipping costs will be €6,75 to America is USD 32,-
Other countries vary between USD 17.40 and USD 32,-

If you are interested or have any other questions, give me a PM or reply to this post.

Re: For sale: 600mm 5.2 pound Thermojet

Posted: Wed May 13, 2009 6:08 pm
by metiz

If anyone is still interested in this engine, let me know and I'll build another

Re: For sale: 600mm 5.2 pound Thermojet

Posted: Wed May 13, 2009 9:45 pm
by Irvine.J
Way to go!