My first pulsjet! - few ideas and solutions.

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My first pulsjet! - few ideas and solutions.

Post by Fort » Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:50 pm

Hi all,
I'm Konrad, I am constructing my first pulsjet, and I have a few ideas, how to improve work. I just hope they wont blow my neighbourhood off :D I don't know, did someone try this before, if yes, I will be greatful for advices. My base Brauner project (available to download at this site) with few changes. I want to use 95/98 octan gasoline mixed with ethanol or kerosyne mixed with ethanol. So, here are all of theese solutions :) :

1. I want to inject fuel under bit high pressure (around 45 PSI).
I think it will help into mixing it with air, and make combustion cleaner in combustion chamber. In my opinion it could make throttle controlable. I want to use simpliest system: tank under pressure - 4mm tubing - needle valve - 4mm tubing - engine. What do you think about it? Do you have any advices?

(I know, that I have to modify injector)

2. Fuel type.
In this subject, I have completly no idea, which fuel to use (thats, why I wrote so much options at the begining). I just want it to be liquid, and easy to obtain/produce. I read few topics about pulse jet propulsion, but I don't know, which fuel use in case of pressure injecting.

How for now, I haven't got too much time to produce this engine, but in free time I am doing construction job in Solid Edge. I am planning to start building it around September, but I want to prepare my project as much as I can now.

Thanks for help in advance!
*If there are some grammar/vocabulary mistakes, I am sorry, I don't speak English native. I will try to correct them in future!

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