Flurbins and ornithopters

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Flurbins and ornithopters

Post by Mike Everman » Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:42 pm

I haven't been posting much here, but not sitting idle! I think I should be posting some of this stuff here. I know some of you will be interested.
I've documented some of my preliminary work on a man carrying ornithopter on manithopter.com (a posterous site that will be shut down on April 30, so I need to port it over to a new spot with my mikeeverman.com).

The wing work is on a brief hiatus, having morphed into a unique flapping wing hydro generator project that we will be doing a kickstarter campaign on, with the reward being a wind up pool toy that looks like a bird, called a "flurbin". I'm putting up that preliminary work on a channel on youtube/techmothership.

The pool toy will be cool, the generator will be amazing, a completely sealed rubber dingus that generates electricity in shallow water, is friendly to fish and boating, and invisible to us. We are on a quest to eliminate dams and the ecological destruction they represent when built and removed. Imagine hundreds of flurbins down a river instead.
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Re: Flurbins and ornithopters

Post by sockmonkey » Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:26 am

With the generator version do hydrodynamic forces cause it to twist and cavitate at the end of it's stroke so that it flaps the other way or does the internal mechanism have some sort of levering to accomplish that?

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