Noisy workplaces can make workers deaf

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Noisy workplaces can make workers deaf

Post by Viv » Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:58 pm

Noisy workplaces can make workers deaf! this may not come as a surprise to most people but it does give the legal situation for Quebec Canada on noise limits for persons not only operating machinery but just being in the near vicinity of noisy machinery.

The implications for Pulse jet hobbyists is that we should be a bit more careful about those standing around us when we are operating an engine and make sure every one has some form of hearing protection.

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Re: Noisy workplaces can make workers deaf

Post by Mark » Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:07 am

"Now I have a loud high-pitched whine, just on the cusp of hearing (it must be getting close to ultrasonic), which is slowly driving me insane... "
"PS: If anything I just wrote doesn't quite make sense, I blame it on that high-pitched whine driving me insane!" ... 40711.html

I wonder? I'm buying a new computer because my desktop is making a really annoying faint, high pitched whine, and yes it is driving me crazy too. I am going to try and replace the fan. I have even put my computer on a towel in hopes to dampen the resonance and I sometimes put a pillow on top of it too! My new 17 inch, 1920 by 1200, high resolution laptop arrives in a few weeks blessedly. We have all-in-one computers at work and even those are kind of noisy to me after about 8 hours worth. So I figured a laptop would be my best bet. I am really sensitive to noises like that for some reason. If nothing else, it is mental anguish. ha

(The most radical link I came across)
"No one ever talks about this, so I am glad you brought it up. I have been in talks with my lawyer about a possible class action suit against not only Apple, but all other electronics manufacturers. THEY HAVE KNOW THE DANGERS OF HIGH-PITCHED NOISES FOR YEARS and have done nothing to educate consumers" ... ng-damage/

"The other day I noticed my PC was making a very annoying high-pitched noise. I'm not sure how long it was going on before I noticed it, but it was probably a while seeing as how I seem to have developed some mild tinnitus. It's basically rendered the entire system unusable because I can't stand to have it on." ... hp?t=26671

"Sick of computer whine !!"
"Ever go through a stage of just hating the sound the computer makes? I'm going through one these past few days, and since the sound leaks into other parts of the house I've been shutting it off a lot. Oh the blessed silence! Why they cant make the fricken things more quiet I dont know.. god forbid they should be quiet at all times. No of course not. They can process a million calculations a second but they HAVE to sound like . Thank you."

"Fix the MacBook Whine"

"Loss of high frequency hearing also can distort sound, so that speech is difficult to understand even though it can be heard. People with hearing loss often have difficulty detecting differences between certain words that sound alike, especially words that contain S, F, SH, CH, H, or soft C sounds, because the sound of these consonants is in a much higher frequency range than vowels and other consonants."
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