Turbocharger gas turbine

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Turbocharger gas turbine

Post by ganuganu » Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:54 am

Hello everyone after a short gap iam back again to propulsion systems. This time i decided to convert my theoretical knowledge into practice so i decided to build a turbocharger gas turbine engine. Iam a beginner in practical building of gas turbines but to my knowledge i have calculated the dimensions required for a imaginary combustion chamber. What i mean here is initially iam trying to verify myself whether iam ready to build gas turbines or not so here iam assuming a pressure ratio, massflow, inlet pressure and temp and i have designed a CC which suits these criteria. I would like to get some feedback from you all please help me.

Mass Flow: 0.2kg/s
Pressure: 202.6kpa
Temp: 330K
The velocity of air is reduced to 35m/s.
Iam assuming the intake diameter of compressor is 5.08cm.

CC Design:
Flame tube dia is: 10.16cm
Casing dia: 12.7cm
In the flame tube the four zones are:
Primary zone(pz): 8cm
secondary zone(sz): 4cm
Dilution zone(Dz): 14cm
Nozzle zone(Nz): 6cm

In total the overall length of the CC is about 32cm approx 12.6inches.
Now to the number of holes:
Mass flow: 0.2kg/s
Fuel required: 0.0129kg/s
Stoichiometric ratio: 15.5
Number of holes in PZ: 6mm holes - 24
Number of holes in SZ: 9.5mm holes - 8
Number of holes in DZ: 12.7mm holes - 9
Number of fuel injectors: 10 each 2mm dia.

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