Got myself a non runner brauner to fiddle with

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kevin lee
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Got myself a non runner brauner to fiddle with

Post by kevin lee » Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:17 pm

Been away for a little while. Iam kinda back now lol but not 100% Gotta move out my house and stuff so itll be a month or so until iam cooking on propane gas again :D

Anyways i have got a non runner brauner engine to play with. I have spotted one or two variations to the plan but it looks mostly ok and i reckon i can have some fun with it.

The fuel holes look wrong to me, they need to be deeper inside the venturi throat imo!

Also the valves are fairly crappy so i need to find some materials and purchase it and then fabricate new valves.

It has no spark plug hole so i have no idea how the previous owner was attempting to start it, he said it got close but never locked in!

Ill be attempting to start it on propane but intend to run 100% petrol and then fly it 8)

Watch this space!!


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