Argus Reed Valve Pics

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Argus Reed Valve Pics

Post by gone2fly » Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:27 am

This is a small 3" square argus valve I built for a 10 lb thrust pulse jet engine that I built. The engine fired up real easy on 2 psi propane gas and I throttled it up to 30 psi. It stired up a pretty good tornado of dust in my work shop and blew stuff off the work bench. The reed valves only lasted a few minutes and they broke at the 27 degree bend. They were already cracked I think I got a back batch of spring steel last time I placed an order. I have never had trouble bending the spring steel a little bit but this stuff will not bend at all. During the summer I had 200 reed valves laser cut at a local machine shop for another pulse jet I have that spring steel is fine. If your planning to run your engine a lot have the reed valves laser cut, CAD work and set up is expensive at first but the over all cost per reed valve in dirt cheap. Sorry I did not type anything here late last night too much typing has caused me trouble in my right hand, I have to take muscle relaser pills and pain pills for the pain. A few days off the key board and I am fine but only 10 minutes of typing is all it takes to give me some pretty serious pain. ... Cage01.jpg ... eeds01.jpg ... Cage04.jpg ... gine02.jpg

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Re: Argus Reed Valve Pics

Post by vturbine » Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:05 am

Thanks so much for writing when you can gone2fly. Great photos! It helps me understand how these valves fit together and work. Difficult to decipher sometimes from old photos and drawings for a person new to pulsejets.

Sorry about the pain. Is there some alternative way/keyboard to help ease that?
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