Re-Birth of an Old Friend - the Altair 8800

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larry cottrill
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Re-Birth of an Old Friend - the Altair 8800

Post by larry cottrill » Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:18 pm

Just found this today while searching for something:

This looks and behaves EXACTLY like my 1975 original. Of course, it's a little steep (my Altair basic kit cost a whopping $340.00 US -- but then, that was 1975, when a dollar was something!). And, he shows that there are many improvements to all the circuit boards, and the power supply (the great weakness of the original design) has been totally modernized to a switching supply with automatic short circuit protection.

What a blast to see this being manufactured in kit form once again! A REAL classic -- a personal computer long before the PC (and a year or so before the first Apple) ever existed. I should get some photos of mine, but the photos on this site are a beautiful representation of what the original was like.


L Cottrill
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Re: Re-Birth of an Old Friend - the Altair 8800

Post by Viv » Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:28 pm

Oh my god! back to were we started, lets wait for the first question about a key board ;-) this and S100 bus was the bleeding edge when I got in to electronics and started at the polytec

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Re: Re-Birth of an Old Friend - the Altair 8800

Post by Ghrey » Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:04 am


There was the Altair, and the PET, and the Apple you bet
They made that very first set.
Then the Sony 2000, and an Apple ][ +
showed up with no fuss....
Then lets see ?

The K-pro and The Compaq portable and an Eagle took wing.
And a not-a-version-of CPM for IBM

DOS Boot.

COCO any one?
How Weighty.

But lets not forget the TI-994A four versions, or Timex/Sincair
They were there.

Then we were all so ( 20 or more ) PC

LISA showed up.
Followed by countless ( at least 25 ) Macs.

Through it all PDP-11 just purred Digital.

I owned them all, still own most of them, Cant get a car in my garage, let alone a workshop.
Finally I yelled STOP!!!

Nostalgic yes, want one, no. Just got rid of one. I am so done with old computers now.

Just my _10_ cents worth.
In the process of moving, from the glorified phone booth we had to the house we have.

No real time to work on jets, more space, no time.

Life still complicated.

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