Luc vs Conception GLC inc.

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Luc vs Conception GLC inc.

Post by luc » Fri Oct 10, 2008 3:19 pm

Hi guys,

Okey ... Starting now (Date and time) I will regain my first and own private identity as I had when I first join so we keep things seperate from now on.

This means that starting now (Date & time), any postings and/or replys using this account will have to be considered as my own and private opinions and/or personal knowledge as an individual and/or as a corporation owner (Shareholder) ... But not as an Administrator.

This said, I am still with GLC and nothing as changed in my position with this company, but there are differences between being an "Individual and owner" ... And being an "Administrator and legal representant" of such corporation and we will keep things apart from now.

Also, the above shall not be interpreted as a "Release" on all previous subjects, matters and/or issues published by me for GLC prior to this date (Date & time) under, following and/or against postings published on and addressing GLC and/or member know as "Luc" (Luc Laforest).

As I said above ... We will just keep things seperate now ....

Thanks and best regards,
Designer & Inventor

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