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re: New Members

Post by _Rahul_ » Mon Nov 27, 2006 2:11 pm

Hey everyone ..
My name is Rahul, 23 years old, and I dwell in a small town on the outskirts on the Capital of my country! I am a student of Mechanical Engineering, and all big machines, Buldozers, earthmovers, Cranes .. esp. Rockets, turbojets, and PLUSE JETS .. anythin' that can fly .. is on my mind .. always! I simply love 'em!
Being in a place with not much resources .. I always prefer to look for projects which are always $$$ friendly .. so pulsejets .. for another reason!
I been working ( past two years) in a firm that manufactures steel almirahs, cupboards, racks, and industrial packing boxes. Its a small firm with 5 workers, including me, and everything here is manufactured by hands. No machines used .. all cutting of steel is done by big scissors, bending is done on manual press .. and for welding .. its oxy-acetylene gas welding .. which resulted in giving me good sheet-metal skills ( plus a 100% score in mensuration .. in my school subject!!)
The same firm was manufacturing galvanized mild steel boxes, industrial ducts for cooling systems or exhaust purposes, Wheat and rice storage bins, and all sorts of industrial products, before they expanded their business to manufacture steel racks .. as for now! So .. I have experience of working with galvanized metal .. for say around three to four years( excluding the above mentioned two years .. so its around six to seven years..summed up)!
The owner of the firm has always been a nice man for I am allowed to use that scrape and tools to make my stuff! Mostly with sheet metal,I have succesfully made some 'trolleys' for kids and sort of 'baskets of metal stripes' (all scrape) for stotage of utensils to make some extra allowance!

Working in industry of sheet metal helped to take my skills to professional level .. 'n' With access to a gas welding equipment I feel blessed!
My first Pj came one year back .. inspired by V1 .. it was supposed to be a missile .. but however anti-terrorist thoughts of mine didnt allowed me to test it for the same!

As far as pulse jets are concerned .. I have successfully made three of them and the fourth never started .. no matter wat i tried ( baby born dead!) .. and dont have any hope for that .. so its already sold in scrape!
As for my future plans .. I have big plans as the day seems to get brighten as my boss has permitted me to use equipment to do my projects .. atleast for now! I plan to make ( atleast try! ) to make a successful valveless, then a big one to power a cart or something, and if I could .. ofcourse an anti missile system .. but that's a big dream!!

I look forward to do my masters from some very gud university, where I could get along with like minded people and get my hands on some fine equipment! So .. ASU( Arizona state university), North Dakota State university, and TU delft( Holland) are on my list! Its a very very big dream, for a guy in here .. its like being the first man to be on MARS!!.. as I solely depend on scholorships .. and just await for future to reveal .. if that's possible .. or I am just a dreamer!!

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Post by Vermin » Tue Apr 17, 2007 1:26 am

I just found this portion of the site and thought I should put something down here....whether you like it or not...LOL

Well where to start I am over 50 and have had many career and hobby activities throught my life, never made any money at it that I didn't spend on other things but it was a blast.

Lets see I have been a carpenter, electrition, plumber, welder/ fitter, sales rep, warehouse manager, CET, milwright, award winning racing motorcycle designer builder operator, husband and father to 2 great children.

I like to spend time at the cottage, fish, build things out of all types of materials, repair automotive equipment and just have fun, I am currently employed with the Canadian Government at a military airfield.

I got involved in PJ through a discussion with an aquaintance at work while discussing the basic 2 types of turbo jets (radial & axial) and stumbled across PJ (during an internet search) they were so similar to 2 cycle expasnsion chambers that I used to design / build.

I was hooked after the first FWE unit and have been having fun ever since. I hope to have the ability to add some knowlege and enjoyment to the forum and learn this new physical process.

Thanks to all here, so we can share and learn with this format.
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Post by dynajetjerry » Sat May 19, 2007 3:31 pm

Hi, People,

I just now began scanning this site and agree introductions are appropriate, if not too mouthy.

My name is Gerald L. (Jerry) Wiles and I've been somewhat active in aeromodelling since about 1940. Next Dec. 6, I will be 80 but still have almost all of my teeth, including fillings and 6 crowns. I've never married but keep busy with my hobbies.

As a control line enthusiast (though with limited talents,) and collector of model engines, I first became interested in pulsejets when a friend and I travelled to the new Dyna-Jet company, in 1947. We bought several and, a few years later, I went to work there, though my friend grew up, married, and quit playing with model airplanes.

After a stint lasting 5 years with D-J (including 1 1/2 with Curtis,) I came back home in 1954 and began a working career as a model-maker. Loved it! I don't do model airplanes any more but keep in touch with many who do, especially jet modelers.

I have worked at an aerospace components company, fan manufacturer, several other small companies, and, at my retirement in 1963, was with Wright State University. I dabble in movies and photography, especially stereoscopic pictures. (I just posted a message on the Forum concerning an upcoming documentary on the 3D screen that was used to show President Kennedy the stereoscopic pictures of the missile sites in Cuba.) I also read a lot and have collected many books, including dozens from Frederick Faust (aka Max Brand, George Owen Baxter, Frank Austin, et al.) My engine collection includes rare and more common examples of prop engines, as well as 36 pulsejets. My books include many sci-fi, aviation, adventure, science, and "skeptic" subjects. In fact, I had a Letter to the Editor published in Aviation Week and Space Technology several years ago, about the wisdom of turbo-jet researchers who use production model turbo-jets as an economical way to investigate miniatures.

Some of this stuff and many more details are in my Dyna-Jet "book," if and when I get it finished. Thanks for this opportunity.

Louder is always better.

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Improving this site/introductions

Post by dynajetjerry » Mon May 21, 2007 3:22 pm

Excuse, please. I hit the wrong key, the other day. I retired in 1993, not 1963. Though elderly, I ain't THAT old.
Louder is always better.

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Post by Johansson » Mon May 21, 2007 4:37 pm

My name is, as some of you might have figured out, Anders Johansson and I live in a small village in the northern parts of Sweden when I am not with my girlfriend 200 km away in the nearest city. I am 25 years old and works as a fibre optical technician, unfortunately I work far from where I live so I spend my weeks in hotels and caravans instead of in my garage. :(

As long as I know I have been interested in building things even though the projects hasn´t allways been as time consuming as they are now, a couple of years ago I was stuck in the audiophile swamp making amplifiers and lifting loudspeaker cables from the ground with paper cups to improve....something........ well it sounded better anyway!

I tend to become quite intense when I come up with an interesting project, I even gave up drinking this winter to be able to spend more time on a motorcycle I was building. When the current project is roughly finished I have been planning a new one in my head for several months so the finishing touches to projects tend to be forgotten, the jetbike will be an exception even though I have 10 new ideas ready in my mind already...

Other interests except for being in the workshop is fishing, motorcycling and above all reading; philosophy, technical books, fantasy, crime novels, you name it. I find it very annoying that there are so many subjects that I don´t know squat about so I try to educate myself as soon as I have the chance, internet is great for this so I guess that I spend more time than I should (at least according to my girlfriend) in front of my laptop.


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Re: new members

Post by dgsharp » Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:00 pm

This is my first post, so hopefully I don't goof it up too bad. ;) Ok, my name is Dave, I've been lurking for maybe a week or so and have read many of the old posts. I live in New Jersey at present, though I grew up in the Middle East and went to school in Indiana.

I work for a major defense contractor where I am officially a software engineer but I do a lot of building small prototypes, laying out circuitboards, hooking up sensors to microcontrollers and writing the firmware to make them smart... I don't consider myself an expert at anything but I have many interests that drive me to learn all I can.

Until recently my main "obsession" used to be autonomous robotics. I work with it at work, and I've built many robots from scratch and helped out friends with many more. I still love robotics, but then I turned myself onto rocketry. I still consider a lot of my rocket work to be "robotics" -- instead of moving around on wheels, they move around on rocket power, but they still have sensors and actuators and require software to make them work right. It's all the same to me.

I would probably be considered a "rocket guy", as I have my high-power rocketry Level 3 certification. I'm not really into just making rockets for the hell of it, I'm more into the researchy side of things. I believe I was the first amateur to boost a high-power rocket out of a cannon to try and improve the efficiency of travel. I worked on this project off and on for about 2 years (check my website and look for The Jujubee Project) and tried out many variations of rockets and launchers. The final flight left a little to be desired (it's actually kind of humorous) because my piston valve had developed a leak, but the project was still a great success. Anyway I was working on this project before I had heard about Glenn Olson's Tri-Mode idea, or even Gerald Bull's HARP- and other cannon-boosted rocket ideas, but was thrilled to find them. When I stumbled across the Tri-Mode concept, I just thought, "Oh man, I've got to try that one day." I've always loved the idea of ramjets, so this was my chance.

I found J.Irvine's website through Youtube and started a conversation with him about designing a rocket-boosted ramjet. He pointed me to this forum, so I started reading. I have many questions that I think you can help me answer, and I hope to return the favor when possible. Thanks!

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Post by Irvine.J » Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:27 pm

A warm welcome with two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

There are a few people here who make their own gadgets and gizmos (lol duh) and you've you certainly would have a lot to offer here. Thanks for joining up!

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Post by 1fastneonrt » Fri Feb 29, 2008 7:29 am

Well I just found this topic and I owe this to all the people who has helped me out so far. AHHH where to begin well...
My name is Brad, I am 27yrs. old and live in a little town called Grafton, which is 30 miles S.W. of Cleveland Ohio. It's nice because I live in a wide-open area and the jets don't seem to bother any one.
All types of jet propulsion have always fascinated me. I really started to begin liking pulsejets about 5yrs. ago just after seeing a V-1 buzz bomb at the U.S. Air Force museum in Dayton Ohio. The simplicity but yet the physics behind how they work really got me interested and of course the sound.
Some of my hobbies include drag racing, building fast cars, amateur radio, and bowling. My current drag car is a Dodge Neon (as you can tell by my screen name) that runs a quarter mile time in the mid 13 second range. I have built a mid 9 second Dodge SRT-4 and a 10 second Chevell.
I have no previous education in jet design or aeronautical engineering but I can learn very easily if taught.
I've been an aircraft and propulsion enthusiast since childhood, though have no plans to get a pilot's license; I'd rather invent than anything.
I agree with Mike on this one. I one day I plan to build a pulsejet dragster to give the radial jet dragsters a run for there money hehehe. I am thinking in the range of a 500+ pounder should do the trick.
Well before I ramble on any more; that is a little about myself. If you would like to know more just ask.
What, who me!

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Re: New Members

Post by Ben.Nicols » Sun Jun 01, 2008 7:06 am

Hi I'm Ben

I've just joined and I'm an OC student in Australia my hobbies include fencing, pulse jets, rugby, skim-boarding.
i'm trying to modify a advanced FWE Pulse jet.

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Re: New Members

Post by metiz » Sun Jun 01, 2008 4:55 pm


I go under the totally awsome internet pseudonym "Metiz". My real name is Joost. My hobbies include pulse-jets (be fare, you TOTALLY didn't see that one comming) computers, games, music and pretty much anything else that I can build cheaply that is totally awsome and turns a few heads.

I'm 21 years old and live In the Netherlands, still with my parrents (not in the basement though). A.t.m I am looking for a job in I.T but not having to much luck (anyone? Netherlands, Groningen no specific skills - MBO ict beheerder). I finished school a couple of months ago <<see line there. As far as dreams go, I'm long overdue to being a miljonair. A bit more realistic is maybe becoming a professional skydiver.

Some might know me as being James his bitch but I'm slowly going into the right direction and started designing my own engines. My holy grail is to, at some point, design a pulse-detonation engine (wish me luck...) and consequently fulfilling my long overdue dream.
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Re: Luc

Post by luc » Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:48 pm

Muuuhhaaaaaaaaaa .... A bit of streching ....

Did I just woke-up and missed on many things here??? Anyway ... Here I am and well awake.
Rescyou wrote: ... and some call me asshole
... Naaaaaaaaa ... Impossible, no one would do that ... Everyone here is nice. I just found your statement a bit funny.

Anyway ... You know me ...

Luc, the pressurejet maniac, the originator and participant of what is probably and still the longest (Please correct me if I am wrong) threads here (Gluhareff 130R Power failure still open ... Any idear?) Conception GLC inc., the PulseRam, the PHS System and everything that comes with the business.

As for my bio., I think I will pass this one for even if sometimes it doesn't seems like it ... I still hait to write.

Next to that ... Welcome to all new members ... Shears to the old ones and if you ever have a question about "Pressurejets" please feel free to give me a "Shout".

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Re: New Members

Post by fastnova » Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:58 pm

I suppose this seems like a good place to post being a new member and all.

My name is Jonathan, I’m 23 years old, I’m married with one child, and another on the way, and I live in Crawley, West Sussex, UK. My username is fastnova because I love Nova’s, I have owned three of them to date. My email address and ebay name also incorporate fastnova.

I was originally a member of this site some ware around 2003, but college and work took over and I kinda forgot about my other interests. I forgot my old username, but now I’m back.

I’m currently a CNC setter/programmer. I got into engineering strait from school. I went to college to study Aeronautical Engineering, which I failed most of with flying colours due to finding the pub far more interesting (I was 16 and new to the world) I then managed to get an apprentiship in Toolmaking, which I passed with no problems. After completing my apprentiship I left the company to find something a little more modern as all of their machinery was at least 30 years old.
Since then I have been doing CNC.
My areas of expertise would be form grinding, G-code, Fanuc and learning, althow I hated school with every ounce of hatred I had I simply love to learn. I think this is because at school they just ram knowledge down your neck with no care as to whether you understand it or are interested in it, but now I am able to learn what I want when I want.
Without a doubt I have a strange ability to learn just about anything I want to at a rate that is quite terrifying, the key is I have to be interested and want to learn it, for example, when I started my current job I had no knowledge of G-code or CNC machines to speak off, but after 4 days I was able to write a full programme with Y axis milling, sub spindle and powered tooling then set the machine, prove the programme and run the job, all with no help, what really scared the crap out of my boss was that I didn’t make a single mistake in the programme or the setting. He still can’t understand how the hell I did it.
I also have experience in most areas of machining, from oxy welding to hard turning.

I have a slightly over active imagination, which I find tends to make finishing a project quite hard work as I tend to move from one project to another before completing the first. But I am getting a lot better with seeing things to the end.

My downsides are that I tent to underestimate other people’s knowledge and boast about my own. This is something I am getting better at suppressing, but not always as successfully as I would like to, so in advance if I piss anyone off I’m sorry and just tell me to shut up or something of the similar.
I quite like helping other people where I can; I have often wandered about getting into teaching. So if I offer unexpected help to help you its not because I am being weird, I just like helping.

I love anything fast, loud, explosive and just outright dangerous (much to the disappointment of my wife) I have always been quite interested in jet engines and much to the similar and have always wanted to build one, now that I have the technical knowledge and means to do so there is no holding me back, generally I wont stop until I have done something extremely impressive or outright stupid, or get board.

My biggest mistake by far was when I was making some very unstable explosives, no more powerful than them little caps you throw on the floor, but STUPIDLY unstable, I was dipping iodine crystals into ammonia then drying them out. I was separating a freshly dried bunch out when I dropped one of the crystals onto the tray, it didn’t fall any further than an inch but it was enough to set that one off, and therefore the entire batch of about 1/4kg off, no more than 12” from my face, I couldn’t hear for hours and was mostly blind from the amount of iodine in my eyes for 2 days. I never touched them again after that. Hence I stopped when I did something incredibly stupid.

So that’s me, take it leave it.
I don’t see problems, only opportunities.

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Re: New Members

Post by luc » Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:50 pm

fastnova wrote: My biggest mistake by far was when I was making some very unstable explosives, no more powerful than them little caps you throw on the floor, but STUPIDLY unstable, I was dipping iodine crystals into ammonia then drying them out. I was separating a freshly dried bunch out when I dropped one of the crystals onto the tray, it didn’t fall any further than an inch but it was enough to set that one off, and therefore the entire batch of about 1/4kg off, no more than 12” from my face, I couldn’t hear for hours and was mostly blind from the amount of iodine in my eyes for 2 days. I never touched them again after that. Hence I stopped when I did something incredibly stupid.

So that’s me, take it leave it.
Hi Fastnova,

Okey ... Read all your above introduction message but honestly, it is the last paragraph that made me think ... "Okeyy ... This guy is one of us for sure ... :lol: :D " for you fully meet most of the criterias most of the guys have here, which are "Dead stupid sometimes, love the speed, loud noisy neighbors, explosive kamikaze and just outright dangerous and also much to the disappointment of our wifes for the one that still have "A wife" after all the crasy things we sometime do ... :twisted: :lol: :D

Welcome back to the club Fastnova ... And please try to keep your self in one piece and your wife at home (Just try to keep the home in one piece ... Period) ... :lol:

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Re: New Members

Post by fastnova » Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:43 pm

Thank you for the warm welcome, I mean re-welcome? I have a few other little stories like that, but I am a little too ashamed of to admit to right now, perhaps another day, after a few beers.
My wife often asks me why I do such things, to which she generally gets one of three answers, sometimes to my amusement and often to her anger or annoyance,
1, Because I can
2, Too see if I can
And by far my favourite
3, If I have to explain you will never understand

Does this make me a mean husband? Or perhaps just a temporary one? God I hope not, who will cook my dinner?
Joking, I love my wife really, honest.
I don’t see problems, only opportunities.

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Re: New Members

Post by Mike Everman » Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:34 pm

I've been with my wife for 15 years, and she's just recently stopped shaking her head or asking why I needed that tool I just bought. What a peach!
Welcome back, Jonathan!
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