an introduction. Turbojet CAD and constuction project.

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an introduction. Turbojet CAD and constuction project.

Post by saugumas » Wed Apr 25, 2007 10:05 am

Hi there,
Greetings form Lithuania, Europe.
I am preparing for my first turbojet project later it maybe adapted to UAV(maybe next project) ;)
I have many fields of inetest(I am building expermental STM scanning tunneling microscope in local university nano-tech lab, also currenty building simple Pulse tube cryocooler(device to get -200C temperatures) in my garage , also participating in GSM scanner hardware and software project ).
Latest field of inetest is jet propulsion. I am planning to create CAD(Solidworks on Unigraphics) centrifugal turbojet model and trial it's performance in powerful finite elemet anaysis software ANSYS using CFD(Computational fluid dynamics). So it would be much easier to test amateur designs and to find "whats wrong" and simple and effiaciant design. Later I am planning to use my university CNC machinery to make parts. Regrettably I don't have praxis in metal works, but its good chance to get ;)
I'am very impressed of Ash and Johansson turbojet projects, great job! Ash has skills in many areas and that is cool, wish you get good GT performance soon!

As I read axial turbojet design is more powerful and effiacient - commercial axial turbines(and jet aircraft engines) have efficiancy of 80-95%. But it needs to mention that in WW2 german engineers faced many axial-design durability problems, so it is not easy to make axial in "yours garage"... but it is worth ;) Hope when I get ANSYS I can trial simple-to-constuct designs performance on PC.

Amateur centrifugal turbojet design also can be improved, there are more efficient combustion chamber designs(see wikipedia turbojets or google) and lubricating sistems.

Microjet Engineering have created simple centifugal turbojet with efficiancy of 42% ! at ~65lbs(280N) on their FXR65 engine. Microjet Engineering have participating in JSF(Joint Strike Fighter) program creating UAV engines.

what efficiancies you got with your "garage-build" turbojets?

Also it worth thinking about building turbofan or turboprop, it can have high efficiancies, but yet it hasn't been build by amateurs but Microjet Engineering has build simple turboprop and turbofan.

there is some GT home-builders on and sites forums you can take a look on their design.

good atricle about micro turbojets history ... cle_id=166

Best regards,
and sorry for my imperfect english :)

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