eBay L-H plans

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eBay L-H plans

Post by hinote » Sun Dec 04, 2005 3:39 am

Hi guys:

Have we been missing something in valveless pulsejet design?

Check out these plans, available on eBay:

http://cgi.ebay.com/Pulse-Jet-Engine-Ro ... dZViewItem

--the photo is quite revealing. Combustion is "unique" and appears to confine its exhaust effluent to the "intake".

I'd like to meet this guy and give him a piece of my mind. Better yet, I'd like to lasso him to one of my big engines while it's running at full-chat.

Bill H.
Acoustic Propulsion Concepts

".......some day soon we'll be flying airplanes powered by pulsejets."

paul skinner
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re: eBay L-H plans

Post by paul skinner » Sun Dec 04, 2005 3:17 pm

Easier. And I'm not suggesting this is either fair, or a nice way to play. Feel free to delete this Ben, et al, if you think this is too unethical.

In North America, you have to register on ebay with a credit card. Well. The same rules don't apply to continental Europe. ****** for instance. You can create an ID using ****** (I edited this, so leaving enough wiggle room) as your home country. After that you can bid on ebay auctions. Bid on ebay auctions into the thousands in fact. Leaving the seller stuck with the task of recouping fees incured by selling on ebay. So, if the bid is high enough, the seller could be on the hook for a couple of hundred in fees. You also can have the pleasure of leaving really nasty feedback, pointing out their dishonest behaviors. Perhaps pointing out that they border on the edge of theft, misrepresentation of the facts, photoshoping. Well. We're creative, you get the point.

Um. Not that I've ever done the above item, to unscrupulous sellers mind you. No, not me. I'd never do anything this vigilante. Nope. Not me.

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