Guidance or Stabilizer? & the PJ rocket

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Guidance or Stabilizer? & the PJ rocket

Post by PyroJoe » Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:00 pm

Last I heard/read here in the states, it is illegal to apply guidance systems on rockets.
Vaguely recall a case where someone had used weight on the aft of a rocket fin (on a pivot) to keep the trajectory of the rocket vertical in flight. (see second illustration)

Since this is not a comprehensive guidance system, but more a stabilizing system would it be considered legal?

Posted also is an idea for a re-usable PJ rocket. CG needs work, the thrust over time is almost opposite of a conventional rocket as the available thrust to weight ratio would be greater at the end of the flight compared to the beginning.

Be a little tricky to approx. altitude vs. fuel load, but some static testing could help establish the parameters.

Would be an interesting control line flyer, rather large tool for a body piercing. 8)

Comments welcome
Thanks, Joe

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