Peroxide rocket wall feed of oxidizer

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Peroxide rocket wall feed of oxidizer

Post by marksteamnz » Sat Jan 16, 2010 9:35 am

I've been mentally designing (insomnia the tinkerers sketch book)a methanol 90% peroxide rocket and have been speculating on using the cylindrical wall of the combustion chamber drilled with multiple tangential jets to feed the peroxide. Provides vigorous circulation, some oxidizer pre heat, fabrication simplicity etc. Fuel would be feed through the end cap. This would be a non catalyzed approach using a hot stick or oxy/propane ignitor
Looking at all the stuff on the interwho and at the British 1945 to 1970 book this seems to be a very different approach. Anyone spot significant flaws etc. I'll get a pdf drawn up if no one can poke a major hole in the idea.
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Re: Peroxide rocket wall feed of oxidizer

Post by Viv » Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:20 pm

Hi Mark

Happy new year mate not seen you for a while ;-)

My first thoughts are, pressure loss due to wall friction but it really depends on path length hence chamber diameter, second thought was what are the densities relative to each other? centrifugal effects may stratify the the mix in to layers? but that may not last long due to wall turbulence.

Third thought was did you ever hear of wernher von brown centrifugal rocket motor? at least I think it was him I cant find the reference now, but it was for a liquid fueled rocket motor that did away with the turbo pumps, the complete motor was spun up to speed by the exhaust.

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