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Post by Mike Everman » Mon May 04, 2009 7:10 pm

I am increasingly aware that I am not able to read every post with an eye toward whether someone's feeling will be hurt by the poster. I would like to implore all (and some of you know who you are) to please refrain from personal attacks, and attacks on contributors' efforts ("that motor is a POS", as an example). It would help me a great deal.
There are good contributors dropping off because of the bad manners of some here!
Please keep your negative comments to yourself, and if you must help someone that needs it, please "accentuate the positive" or post not!
Please know that I will summarily delete posts that attack a person or their work, replacing the post with "deleted for negative comments-Admin"
I will not edit part of a post; only the whole thing.
I will take a dim view of attack posts that are clearly there expecting to be deleted, and the user will be banned!

As ever, we can choose to ignore, choose to say "that comment hurt", or start a flame war. We are all big boys, let's play nice!
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