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Post by J.L. Frusha » Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:17 am

Sort of new sort of old... Moved a couple of times, got married, ended-up inactive. Back on-board... on the board... Something like that. Anywho, 46 y.o. guy in Texas. A lot of interests, especially aviation, so I always end-up visiting the same ideas... "All my life's a circle," to quote an old Harry Chapin song. I'm a big info-junkie. I like to learn, for the sake of understanding. I've studied aviation maintenance (and dropped-out), as well as other fields of interest. Something about working on a plane, when I'd rather fly it, soured that particular endeavor. Married my High School sweetheart, some 26 years AFTER we graduated. Both of us have kids. Her boys are into aviation... Anyway, glad to be back in here.

J.L. Frusha

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Post by GalFisk » Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:42 am

Guess I'd better introduce myself!
I'm a 28 year old living in Sweden, and my hobbies to date include electronics, potato cannons, pyrotechnics and skydiving. I'm hoping to add pulsejets to that list, I have a friend with welding skills and we're planning to build a decent sized lockwood. From some of my other hobbies I have experience in the use of propane and other flammable gasses, and high voltage ignition systems. I love everything that has to do with making physics and chemistry do stuff, and I've made several potato cannons (pneumatic, combustion and hybrid), smoke bombs, sugar rockets and aerial fireworks shells. My work is less interesting, but it pays for all the fun stuff :) I also love repairing electrical stuff, I've fixed appliances, car electrical systems and home electronics for my friends on many occasions.

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Re: New Members

Post by Kwazai » Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:11 am

I'd posted a hello in off topic and while reading found this pinned topic.
My name i Mike . I live close to Raleigh NC, have a BSME and have been doing truss design and layout for more than a few years. I am into alternative energy, motorcycles, cars, guitars, airbrushing, etc. I've joined the forum to learn some of the particulars behind pulsejets after themoacoustic searches turned them up on a sawdust powered search. I'm pretty sure it would have had a gasifier, but the resonance characteristics of the valvless designs caught my eye. I had run across a paper on resonance in furnace systems which was pretty adept at the geometry and temps for resonant tubes not exactly like a rijke tube. Haven't had a chance to dig into the plans an calculations for pulsejets yet but intend to.
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Re: New Members

Post by ace_fedde » Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:03 pm

Welcome Mike!

Your scepticism is fuel for my brain.

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Re: New Members

Post by 55dcyinely » Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:34 pm

Hello, my name is Doug, and for the past few years my interest in Pulse Jets has gone from watching some of you on YouTube to and this forum to actually building the on a small scale. As a matter of fact the first one I built was from Eric Beck’s web a free plan he offered. And I might add very well planned out.
I’m retired from the Government and a combination of time in the ARMY gave me a good retirement at that. Not surprisingly my background was in Aviation, big difference is I worked on the CH-47C&D helicopters. My first post on this form was (homemade jet bathtub that was powered by a BBQ propane tank.) Under Valueless PJ’s. A small wonder that Lockwood ran at all. No metal working shops here so I just Wang it.
As I first said I thank all of you for that inspiration. Thanks to the founders of this forum.

From Ely Nevada (no man’s Land)

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accessible to everyone in a great variety of simple ways.

Thanks Bruno, GodSpeed (starting on a journey, a new venture)

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