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New Members

Post by Tom » Mon Feb 23, 2004 9:24 pm

I think it would benifit everyone if new members were to introduce themselves before posting, just for the sake of keeping this place a community. rather then have their first communication shot down over a misunderstanding over drilling propane tanks ;o), i think it would be nicer to just say hi, and get a feel for everyone. in fact, i suggest that all members, old and new take part in this, get a who's who going?
starting off, i'm Tom. I buggered up my first attempt at becoming a member, so i'm known as coffee to some. I'm mostly into rockets, pyrotechincs and general chemistry, but anything hi-tech, or anything that makes noise and/or flame has me sold :o)


Admin Edit:
I've refreshed and made this thread a sticky so new contributors can introduce themselves. Handles for everyday use are fine of course, but sometimes it's good to know who you are talking to...Random responses here will be deleted.
Experience speaks more then hypothesizing ever can. More-so in chemistry.

Stephen H
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Post by Stephen H » Tue Feb 24, 2004 3:18 am

great idea. Im stephen H. I live in "middle earth" or New Zealand for those of you who dont no about Lord Of the Rings. Infact i live just down the road from where big the castel thing was!

Im 16, second to last year at school
I love things that move and making them go fast.
Like sailing and landsailing also into RC landsailing

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Post by Rescyou » Wed Feb 25, 2004 1:57 am

To continue the intros, some call me Rescyou, some call me Shane and some call me asshole, though I hope not many.

I live in Western Canada (Alberta) and am the CEO of an petroleum industry fire/rescue/safety/training company (kinda like Red Adair) as well as own a small research company with a few interesting contracts which range in anything from underwater SAR robotics to laminar fire streams. I'm also paid part time with the municipal fire service with expertise in technical rescue and body recovery. You might say I am a busy guy..

My interest in Pulsejets and history within these forums goes back 2-3 years now, though I near gave up the pulse-jet sport after being defrauded by individual(s) from a land near Oz. But interesting fellows such as Bruno the Great, Larry the Longwinded and Viv the Valiant, kept my interests up as well as a lot of other talented individuals. I think if we were all to get together we could build something that we really could hurt ourselves with.. :) The bigger the boom or in this case the bigger the Buzz.. the better.

My main focus has been with laminar streams in my devices as I have been applying experimentation from the aquatic laminar jet's I've created for fountains and fire streams. Lately I've been perfecting electronic control and measurement systems. I've also just finished a new backend for my Dyna-jet that has show some decent results. Instead of a nice smooth interior I made a bump die for my slip/roll that puts indents like those of a golfball when rolling a tailpipe. So far it looks to be about a 5-10% boost in thrust but I have many tests to run yet before I show and tell. Sometimes rough is better than smooth, tis all I'll say for now.

I can usually find quite a few sources for information so if you are looking for something, send me a note.

My webpages:

Quasi-yet/never-to-be complete Pulse-Jet site:

My Electro-Jet motor site:

Fire Site:

Various Electronic sites:

I did have a Turbojet site up for about a week until my jet puked and sprayed the contents of it's inards throughout my yard..

I also maintain a large list of just about every pulse-jet patent known to man in a PDF file that is somewhat disorganized, but you will have to email to find out where it is located.

The mind of a man is the man himself.

Bruno Ogorelec
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Post by Bruno Ogorelec » Thu Feb 26, 2004 9:40 am

Stephen H wrote:haha.. well.. umm.. i havnt seen any of them.. not really into that stuff!.. i intend to sit down for like 10 hours one day with all 3 dvd's and ill be right!
Well, I can't say I'm very much interested in fantasy either -- for instance, I disliked the novel, Lord of the Rings -- but let me tell you, those movies are really well made. Also, they deal with much that has nothing to do with fantasy. The story examines things like valor, morals, loyalty, strength of character, temptation, deceit....

Much against my expectations, I was moved by some parts. Visually, the thing is stunning, too. I can't remember seeing many movies with the similar level of visual impact. Seeing them all at once may be a good idea, for they are not really separate movies but installments of one big story.

Mike Everman
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Here I am...

Post by Mike Everman » Fri Feb 27, 2004 7:27 pm

Ok, about time to introduce myself. My profile is fairly complete, and I've had no problems with spam or anything by having the info in there. Here's probably a more complete bio than you ever wanted ;-P It is pre-obsessive-compulsive pulse-jet builder, but let's you know where I'm coming from. I've been an aircraft and propulsion enthusiast since childhood, though have no plans to get a pilot's license; I'd rather invent than anything.

I'll have a Kazoo Jet site up in a week or so, so stay tuned! It'll be a sub-set of my robotics site in the profile but with no links there; I can't let the "suits" know what a crackpot I really am!

Mike Everman bio:
May 1996-Present
CEO and CTO, Bell-Everman, Inc. (15 employees looking at me sideways when I fire up Locky Kazoo! In Goleta, CA, part of Santa Barbara.) Primary responsibilities include corporate management, and product development of a line of motion devices for industries that include biomedical (Genomics and drug discovery), as well as semiconductor metrology, test and assembly. Business sectors include military and US Government build-to-print and aerospace consulting.

October 1993-May 1996
Owner-operator of Everman Mechanism Co. Specialized in automation for semiconductor test handling and metrology, with extensive patent activity in the area of zero-backlash drive methods. Principal engineering consultant to Bell Machine and Design, Inc.

June 1985-October 1993
Design engineer and program manager for AEC-Able Engineering Co., Inc. Primary duties were Research and Development of new products for spacecraft, usually deployable mechanisms, solar arrays and deployable masts. Designed the 12’ diameter rotary joints that will allow the US Space Station’s solar arrays to track the sun. Principal designer for 4 of 6 major space dynamics experiments, both Terrestrial and Space Shuttle flown. Designed the PUMA (Pantographically Unfolding Modular Array) solar panel system used on various spacecraft.

April 1978-June 1985
Various contract design positions. Became an accomplished tool designer most notably in the manufacture of computer disk recording heads.

1. US06194859 02/27/2001 X-Y positioner based on X axis motions
2. US05487791 01/30/1996 Stowable and self-deployable parallelogram-type panel array (solar array for spacecraft)
3. US05472193 12/05/1995 Gyroscopically stabilized hockey puck (silly)
4. US05435651 07/25/1995 Backlash free rotationally adjustable mount in the nature of a transmission
5. US04895046 01/23/1990 Incremental drives
6. US04834561 05/30/1989 Bearing system with redundant race (used on the space station)
7. US04801231 01/31/1989 Self-driven nut and joinders incorporating it (used on space dynamics space shuttle experiments)
8. US04761084 08/02/1988 Bearing system with redundant race

"Excellence in Design" 2nd Place award winner, Design News magazine: “Space Station Rotary Joint Eliminates Stiffness Deadbandâ€
Follow my technical science blog at:
Get alerts for the above on twitter at:

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Post by mk » Sat Feb 28, 2004 8:31 pm

Hey, that's a really good idea, so here are some things about me:

-Klein, Marten
-*1985 (in GDR)
-location is ~180km from Berlin (south) and ~100km from Dresden (east)
-I'm looking forward finishing high school / grammer school this year; I plan to study engineering at the TU Dresden after successful finishing
-I'm interested in 2-stroke engines and pulse jets, especially the valveless ones (, for about a 3/4 year now), but also any other fuel burning engines

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Post by sam » Mon Mar 01, 2004 10:51 am

Hi, I'm Sam from Stoke-on-Trent, England. I'm 23 and very interested in valveless pulsejets and unsteady augmentors. I've built and tested a couple of valvess pulsejets and have played around with a dynajet (but the valvelss ones are better!). I'm a research student in the UK investigating thermoacoustic instabilities in gas turbines. I have a good knowledge of unsteady fluid mechanics and have written a few CFD programs. I'm currently contemplating writing a 1D simulation of a valvelss pulsejet which I reckon should be an excellent design tool. I reckon there's still plenty to be learnt about the combustion process in pulsejets.

Mike Kirney
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The Artist Formerly Known As Tundra Man

Post by Mike Kirney » Sat Mar 06, 2004 7:54 am

Might as well introduce myself even though I harldy post anymore. I was once known as 'Tundra Man' on the old forums and was quite a frequent correspondent. I built one lousy jet and it didn't work and I've just lost interest because I don't need a heavy-duty snow blower anymore (I got a new driveway last Sept.). I have been a bicycle courier, a security guard, a court clerk, a door-to-door salesman and plenty of other things over the years. Now I just sit around and spend my grandfather's money. My next project is to adapt a two-stroke diesel engine to steam power. Oh yeah, I want to build a couple of houses too. I don't have any patents, although there is a bench warrant in Vancouver with my name on it (failure to appear). Sometimes I think about going to California and getting involved in television somehow.

Mike Kirney
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Well I had booked the flight three weeks before...

Post by Mike Kirney » Thu Mar 11, 2004 4:47 am

Well, I thought the revelation that I am wanted by the police on the west coast would surely excite a few comments but it appears my little attention-getter turned out to be a miserable dud. Just so you all know, I'm not some murderer or drug lord or anything. I got a $53 ticket for riding my bicycle on the sidewalk on Burrard St. in 1995. Naturally I set a court date to contest it but events unfolded and I moved back to Ontario and missed my appointment with justice. While visiting the Portable City in 1996, a fellow I know and myself were spotted beating the crap out of an old Dodge Dart with a 5-lb. sledgehammer near the corner of 23rd and Main. It was my car so we weren't really breaking the law. The police arrived and I explained it all and they thought it was rather humourous, but this all changed when my associate decided to start yelling at the cops. They ran my name and this damn ticket came up so I had to go downtown in the big white van and sign another promise to appear - May 17, 1997. The next day I got on a 757 and six hours later I was back in Ottawa. I have yet to pay for my heinous sin against the good people of British Columbia. Man, I'm slicker than D.B. Cooper!

Bruno Ogorelec
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Post by Bruno Ogorelec » Thu Mar 11, 2004 6:10 pm

Mike Everman wrote:C'mon, Guys, this is supposed to be the place for new members to introduce themselves!
It is actually quite impractical for that purpose, buried away so that only a determined browser will find it.

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Post by tufty » Thu Mar 11, 2004 9:17 pm

Mike Everman wrote:C'mon, Guys, this is supposed to be the place for new members to introduce themselves!
OK, I feel suitably chastened. Sorry. So a few words about me, being a newer member myself...

English, living in the French Alps. 36. IT worker by trade, chairlift driver and house painter by accident of location ;-) Fan of all things that are generally dangerous, preferably making impressive amounts of smoke, heat and noise in the process. Power kites, jet engines, pyrotechnics, fire juggling, tightwire, anything I can make myself and then proceed to endanger myself with. Also lightweight sports bikes combined with wiggly roads, and snowboarding/skiing, which only meet the second criteria. The only thing I'm likely to ever get a patent on is crass stupidity and a belief that I am relatively indestructible.

Main interest that dragged me here was Reynst pots, and I am slowly (hell, make that rapidly) getting more and more hooked on all things that pulsate. Every time I see a hollow object, I start wanting to put methanol in it...

I'm still up for doing translation work on the SNECMA CD if I can get a copy.

Simon (the 'tufty' handle is a long, long story, involving a bad haircut that lasted several years too long, two arrests and a colleague who worked for an airline).

Oh, and it goes without saying that, being English, I have an abominable sense of humour. And bad teeth.

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Re: New Members

Post by mk » Mon Oct 18, 2004 6:46 pm


I've finished grammer school in July 2004!

At the moment I'm doing the civil service, so I'm looking forward to start studying in October 2005.

The "edit" funktion only seems to be useful in this part of the forum...

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re: New Members

Post by lojbeck » Sat Nov 25, 2006 11:54 pm

Hello all!

What a great idea!

I work as a maint. tech. for an automotive parts supplier which manufactures forgings for front wheel drive halfshafts. For some time I have had an interest in building a working engine. Thanks to many members of this forum, I have found lots of useful information. My spare time however is limited and sporatic. When I do elect to do something, I tend to go non-stop until it is finished. I also tend to overdo some things (I painted my 1st pulse jet). Since Christmas is aproaching (2 weeks off)and the ol'e homeowener's insurance is paid up; I think I'll delve into a larger project. I'm looking forward to future contacts with other members.


Jim Berquist
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re: New Members

Post by Jim Berquist » Sun Nov 26, 2006 12:26 am

My name is Jim Berquist. You can check my bio on the forum.

I work in a electronic factory as a maintenance person. My back ground is Ex military and electronics...

I'm a pain in the butt as I float all over the Forum .... I love all of it.

Some times I over step my knowledge, most of the time I can contribute some good...

I feel any thing any one can contribute is a good thing! Even the off the off the wall question can be good some times!!!

WHAT TO FRAP, IT WORKED![url=callto://james.a.berquist]Image[/url]

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re: New Members

Post by nanotech1 » Sun Nov 26, 2006 6:05 pm

i untroduce myself my name is Steve Normandin i always had the nick name nanotech1 since from the old days in the old forum of and posted only a few time since then

i am a big fan of model jets engines specially in order
( ramjets, pressurejets and valveless pulsejets ) since i was a kid :)

i have a some litterature on pressure jets from EMG ingeneering
like blueprints for the


and the G8-2 engine stand manual

i have some doylejet catalogue

i have been browsing in this forum almost everyday for anything new on jets engine subject

its only recently that i could make a donnation and register to this site because i didnt had time to do it before ( paypal wasnt setup)

i have 2 and a half year of experience in metalspinning mostly scissor compound tool ( beleive it or not i wanted to be a metalspinner almost exclusively so i can make my own ramjets model i am that obcesses on making a near perfect shape stream lined duct and venturys :)

i was in canada before now i have move in the us and loving it :)

i am situated in around the new york state capital region
in an appartement for now so cant do much metal work unfortunatly

if there is any member in the new england area let me know

and if anybody needs help in spinning a shape ill be welling to help any body here has for tips and question on the subject

i will try give has much info on what i know especially in ram, pressure, valveless pulse jet engines and a lot on metalspinning because i fell that this forum is so cool and awesome with all ideas merging from all the members here that if some members could make there own spun part it would increase there jet engines design mass flow "more flow = more thrust " it would be even better :)

ill try to reply to question aks has much has i can because i have a lot of things to do so not a lot of spare time to myself

Steve Normandin

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