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Re: re: Remove Bruce Simpsons link from the links page

Post by luc » Fri May 13, 2005 10:22 pm

Hi Mike,
Mike Everman wrote:Bravo. Let's be done with it, then.
Your right Mike,

But remember ... I also wrote ...
Now that I have demonstrated that indeed, I can ack like a man and stand next to my mistake and appologize, let see if there is others here that can do the same, ack accordingly and appologize for their comments toward us and especially for the bullshit that has been going on in our back.

Some of you know who your are what I am talking about.

So, please surprise me if your man enought to step forward, account for your words and comments and appologize ... I am waiting.
Lets all be fair here ... Appologies are suppose to go bot ways.

Chris was man enough ... You are out of this,

But there are few ones still pending.

Even if we should pursue in what we are good at, being engine desings, I for myself, his still waiting after the other big mans.

But you are right Mike,



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re: Remove Bruce Simpsons link from the links page

Post by Jmitchell » Fri May 13, 2005 10:56 pm

Really, that's something I heard on a french movie, I never really looked up the true definition, thanks for clarifying it :).

I think the movie was les visitors or something.

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re: Remove Bruce Simpsons link from the links page

Post by Anthony » Sat May 14, 2005 2:45 am

What I always liked in this community is the fact people, in this little-known and documented sector of jet propulsion, constantly help themselves and try to find ways to solve each other's problems. I believe everyone in this topic (minus me, I'm a spectator hehe) gave a great contribution to the world of pulsating combustion, and I hate to see all that fighting basically considering a person who stopped posting here a long time ago and who has been known to be a bad and secretive buisnessman. I mean, that's really where it all started. Some of the guys here have decided to bring pulsejet power to a new level, to a most likely financially lucrative one and therefore to achieve what we all (or almost) wish, wich is a greater use of (valveless) pulsejets. We should be glad they share their discoveries and knowledge with us instead of keeping it "under seal".

We had a little misunderstanding, and everyone's reaction is understandable. I think people have been somewhat trigger-easy, some verbal harm was done but not beyond the point of no coming back. We should and can forget about this, and I highly suggest it.

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