silver soldering stainless and copper

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silver soldering stainless and copper

Post by metiz » Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:05 pm

I've been trying to solder a copper tube to some stainless steel but I'm having no luck. I bought a torch whch supposedly goes up to 1400 degrees c.

I have a 5mm copper pipe mounted vertically in a 5mm hole. the hole is in a stainless steel sheet. I use solder flux, specifically for ss and coper (among others). I mix it with some water until I get jam consistency. I then apply it around the (cleaned) edge where the copper meets the ss. I apply heat with my torch until the water in the flux is gone. I then blast the steel with heat until it is bright red hod. I remove the torch and quickly press on hard the silver solder wire and then....nothing. It won't melt. The steel is red hot. What the hell am I doing wrong here!?

Any advice? I've run into this problem more than once but I thought my torch didn't get hot enough so I bought a better, new one (it works on a disposable propane/ butane canister) but apparently that doesn't work either
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