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Information Sources

Post by Raymond G » Mon Apr 12, 2004 11:48 pm

I would like to get a collection going on what people feel are the best sources of information to learn about propulsion devices. To get things started, I will post a few lists. It is also nice to know the background of people when they make a recommendation. So I will summaraize:

Education Background: BS in Mechanical Engineering
Professional Backgrund: Mechanical Engineer, 6+ years exp.
Propulsion Background: Amateur only, but strong interest for over 20 years
Designed engine components: Yes
Designed complete engine: Yes
Fab'd engine components: Yes.
Fab'd complete engine: Yes.
Tested engine compenents: Yes.
Tested complete engine: Yes.

Things I know something about:
1. Gas Turbine Engines
2. Rocket Engines

Recommended Books:
1. Gas Turbine Engines For Model Aircraft, By Kurt Schreckling
2. Model Jet Engines, By Thomas Kamps
3. Turbo-Prop Engine For Home Construction, By Kurt Schreckling

These first three are completely from the "hobbyist" point of view, and so are invaluable as a source for practical information, and where to start. Start with the first two.
4. Gas Turbine Theory, 4th Ed, By Cohen, Rogers, and Saravanamuttoo
This book is a true find for anyone wishing to understand the theory behind the engines, and is probably the best text on the subject.
5. Aircraft Engine Design, By Mattingly, Heiser, and Daley
Excellent text when you want to take it to the next level, but a little difficult to follow.
6. Rocket Propulsion Elements, 7th ed, By Sutton and Biblarz
'The' Text for rockets

Things I know just a little about:
1. Pressure Jets
2. Ramjets
Recommended Books:
1. Gas Dynamics, By James E. A. John

You need a good text in compressible flow. There are many, but I am only familiar with the one I learned from in college. I would rate it as average.

Things I know nothing or almost nothing about
1. Pulsejets
2. Valveless Pulsejets.

Recommended Books:
???????Please fill in the blanks

I hope this starts a usefull dialog on what peoples favorite information sources are.


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