Metal thickness and other questions...

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Metal thickness and other questions...

Post by loco » Wed Nov 22, 2006 11:58 am

Hi, i'm looking to build a pretty large pulsejet, in the order of 80Kg of thrust. Would 2mm steel be sufficient for such an engine?

Secondly, I'm using the double-V valve design, the plate is pretty bulky, and I'm trying to keep weight down. Would aluminium withstand the heat and forces, or should I stick with steel?

I asked before, but still am stumped for ideas other than going to a professional engineering company; what's the best way of creating a 30cm diameter disk for the valve plate?

Finally, what methods are popular for creating curved cuts of sheet metal? for example, you have the main combustion chamber, then a conical piece which goes to the exhaust channel. I need to be able to cute a perfect arc in 2mm steel (and I don't have a plasma cutter!). All ideas are welcome!

Thanks in advance, chaps.

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re: Metal thickness and other questions...

Post by Mr.B » Wed Nov 22, 2006 6:02 pm

I have cut my curves and circles with a small handheld anglegrinder (flex in germany). Use a 1mm blade and cut a leading groove on your plate (just on the outside of your markings). Basically a cut of 0.2mm iI guess. After that keep cutting the same groove deeper till you're through. A little cleanup and your done. If you want to be really precise you should use a large laith.

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