Thrust stand first calibration

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Thrust stand first calibration

Post by hinote » Sun Mar 27, 2005 4:29 am

Hello all:

Please see the attached photo.

The scale card on the new thrust stand is in place--but not yet calibrated (in this photo).

The zero-repeatability number is amazingly high--something like 1/8 or 1/10 lbf, over a 20 lbf scale distance.

The scale card will allow a reading accuracy of 1/4-lbf, or maybe less.

My newly-acquired force gauge ensures the accuracy of the calibration. The scale can be changed at will, just by changing the weights on the pendulum arm, and then re-calibrating the scale card to the new value set.

Also, in the picture you can see the "mini-Escopeta" in the cradle. I'll be doing my first TSFC tests on Tuesday or Wednesday.

My thanks to Larry C. for creating the first concept of this thrust stand--which I managed to complicate somewhat, for my own purposes.

Bill H.
Acoustic Propulsion Concepts

".......some day soon we'll be flying airplanes powered by pulsejets."
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