Proposed Combined Fuel Tube / Starting Air Tube for FWE

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Re: Proposed Combined Fuel Tube / Starting Air Tube for FWE

Post by larry cottrill » Fri Mar 11, 2005 9:38 pm

steve wrote:any particular reason you bent it towards the CC? I yould think the air line might get a bit charred, but beter the air line then the fuel line, right?

Steve -

It's farther to the side than the picture makes it look. Once I had her running [takes about 5 seconds], it was no problem at all to just slide the extension and its rubber connector right off the pipe. Easier than disconnecting the spark wire, really.

The rubber hose is a very tight fit for the tire extension, just a nice sliding fit for the 1/4-inch tubing, so it always stays with the extension when you pull it. Incidentally, the tire valve thread seems to be a rather odd 5/16-32 - surely an NXF classification. Standard glow plugs are 1/4-32, which is National Extra Fine [NXF].

L Cottrill

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