Should I build a gas turbine engine

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Should I build a gas turbine engine

Post by hectorehl » Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:06 pm

Hello everybody :D , my name is Hector, I´m studying mechatronic engineering and I am new in this page and since I watched some videos in the Internet about home made mini gas turbine engines :shock: I wanted to start building my own, but I just want to know where I'm getting in, because I have read some stories of people that spend like ten years to make a functional engine.

I want to build the KJ66, but have heard that even that is very difficult to build, I have access to a lathe, milling machine, drill, electric arc welder, and some old CNC, so before I get envolved in this project I want to know if someone in this forum has succeeded in building a mini gas turbine engine and if you could tell me like how much money,time and effort I will spend doing this, because I have like 9 months and a short amout of money to accomplish this. :cry:

So it would be great if someone could give a realistic opinion, so I can start right now or if should move to another project like building a pulse jet engine or ram engine

thanks for your answers

Regards from Mexico :mrgreen:

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