Gluey Dyn. fuel consum.

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Gluey Dyn. fuel consum.

Post by jim » Sat Jun 26, 2004 12:40 am

I dug up some published info on dynamic fuel consumption for
the Gluey engine. For the G8-13, the published value is 2 lbs per lb
of thrust per hour. For the G2-25 on the inventor's MEG-1X, the
inventor claims 1.7 sfc. The lowered fuel consumption is the result
of ram air entering trhe engine when it is mounted on the end of
a helicopter blade. For 130 lb engine, then the fuel consumption
for an hour would be about 260 lbs or about 60 gallons of fuel.
During static operation, opening the throttle increase the fuel/air
ratio, but ram air during dynamic operation prevents this from
happening. Both propane and air come into the intake under
pressure. I believe the fuel/air ratio is not constant during
static operation due to the effects of friction, when air is
aspirated into the engine. I have tested or simulated the
effect of ram air by running compressed air into the intake
during static operation, and it caused the engine to rev
up. Sometimes, the effect is the opposite if the mixture
leans out too much. I really would like to see some dynamic
tests on the 130 pound engine. The problem of carrying
propane in a tank is easily solved by using a filament
wound graphite vessel like the paintball hobbiests use.
These tanks are designed for very high pressure. So,
I conclude, there still might be some life left in this
concept with more data to prove its operation under
dynamic conditions. Jim

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