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Post by R500 » Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:59 pm

I am new here and I’m a Swiss. Pleas excuse me about my bad English.
I have already built a valved and a valveless pulse jet, so I’m not a beginner in jet engines.
Now I have found the pressure jets, and I’m fascinated!!! Now I want to build the P8-2-5 pressure jet. Of course, I’ve got a few quests:

-should I use stainless steel for the heat-coils, or can I use brass or anything else? (Heat)
- how should I make the supersonic nozzle? I know how such a nozzle looks like, but can’t I make just a hole from about 0.07”? If not, can you give me instructions how it must be built?
-can I use a normal propane tank how we use it for cooking?
-have anyone built this engine?

I hope you can help me and you can understand what I’ve written.
Thanks a lot
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