Nice pressure jet bit from Luc (split from plans)

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Re: Looking for plans? Look here.

Post by luc » Thu Mar 03, 2005 12:51 am

Greetings ladies and Gentlemens,

Last week we received a quote request from a gentlemen named Jerry. After sending our quote, Jerry questioned few points on our quote that lead to a few emails between him and us.

One of his email was quite interesting and we suggested that it should be posted and he gave us the autorisation to do so.

So, here is a part of the communication and the most important one, please read this :

Good morning luc,

I want to say first, if my question offended you, my intention were in no way challenging your product or your contribution to the revitalization of the pressure jet.

Back in the 80's i had weekly conversation with Eugene Gluhareff. I am very familiar with the presure jet and with the 55 lbs. thrust rating of the Vortec engine and Riley prints.

The three that we built according to there prints were total failures, out of months of testing we were only able to get sonic lock TWICE, total thrust 10 lbs with 160 psi nozzle pressure, it made a great burner and that was all.

No matter what coil gauge we used, alignment of the stages and the 3/4 wave lenght, we tried everything according to the print but to no avail.

In 1995 before Eugene past away he told me that the new propane on the market was contaminated and that we had to use laboratory grade propane if we wanted to get the 130 lbs thrust result. It was not just nozzle pressure but vapor temperature and velocity that was needed.

I have been to all the forum online and spent lots of $ now i am totally disgusted with this engine design but now your company came along and that is why i am sceptical.

I am very happy that you have solved this mystery

Keep in touch

Jerry Marra

Now ... Here is my answer to his message.

Greetings Jerry,

As for offending us, not at all. We just perceived your message like someone who is about to make the same mistake as many others and that I did 5 years ago ... That's all. Now, knowing who you are give mutch more weight to your message and Viv and I actually are very sorry that you went through all this and lost alot of money in that process.

We also feel that the content of your last message should be made public, so peoples will not fall into the "Vortech, R. Q. Riley and Tipjet" trap again. This why we would like your autorisation to post the content of your last message on our forum and the forum.

Now, as for the knowledge you got from Eugene, you have to understand that he deliberatly hid (Obviously from you also) important details and information. Today, we can understand him, trying to protect his secrets and perceive Eugene as a very clever man in that process.

Now, as for what Eugene told you about propane contamination, 3/4 wave lenght, coils thickness and all the others you mentioned, put that aside and forget about it. These are just misdirecting informations to keep you away from the secret code. Attached to this message, you will find a picture showing what 130 + Lbs. of thrust looks like. And beleive me, the picture you will see come from calibrated instrumentations. I guess you have missed this one when it was posted on the forum.

I hope with this message, I will revitalize your interest in that engine, because YES, this engine can deliver what it is ment too.

Do you still have the remains of your original engines? Perhaps we could rebuild those, tune and get them working for you? But be aware that this process will have a minimum cost of $1,000.00 Canadian, to completely replace the heat exchanger coils.

Otherwise, we would be happy to supply a fully built engine running to specifications with a thrust stand certificate or we would be happy for you to visite our facilities and vue the engine running on the test stand and validate the performance with your own instrumentation before taking delivery of the engine and completing the sale.

So, as you can see from this message, we are quite honnest and open about what we are doing and our operations, but again, up to the point we are not going in confidential issues.

I hope this has clarified a few areas and I will be waiting for your answer,

Best regards,

Luc Laforest
Conception GLC inc.

So ... Here it is guys. Another guy that went through the nightmare of buying engines and prints from the Websites we have been trying so hard to warn peoples against.

I hope this one too ... Will serve its purpose.

Best regards,

Designer & Inventor

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re: Looking for plans? Look here.

Post by Rambo » Thu Mar 09, 2006 9:29 am

Sorry for the stupid question, but can someone give me a link to 'how the pressre jet works',please.Or is it just a big torch?

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re: Nice pressure jet bit from Luc (split from plans)

Post by Mike Everman » Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:00 pm

Rambo, please look to the subjects in the pressure jet forum first! Ask questions there. :-)
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