Lazy man's ramjet

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Bill Lubarsky
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Lazy man's ramjet

Post by Bill Lubarsky » Wed Jan 17, 2007 12:41 am

I finally got off my butt and started to build a ramjet out of nearly off the shelf components. A trip to the Burns Stainless web page found most of the stuff I needed along with someone to weld them together. The inlet diffuser is
a stainless megaphone with a 2" small diameter and a 4" large diameter the included angle is I think 6 degrees.
The short 2" stub (they call it a ring) matches the OD of one of the air amplifiers I had on hand. Connection will be through a metal sleeve th hold them butted together. The megaphone's large end is welded to a 12" length
of 4" stainless tubing, the open end of the tubing is expanded to accept an
additional 10" of combustor length if I need it. The exhaust nozzle will be a short butt-weld type concentric adapter, 4" to 2". Everything should be a firm friction fit. I haven't decided on the location of the fuel inlet line. It should probably be on the first straight section adjacent to the weld to the megaphone. Everything else is unknown/undecided.

Bill LUbarsky
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