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Publications to read

Post by Phil A » Sun Jul 30, 2006 12:30 pm

Gday everyone,
discovered your forums recently and have been trying to answer my questions without hasseling you with my ignorance.

I have read Brunos exellent historical review (35 pages) of valveless pulsejets.

My interest is in the area of ramjets/ valveless pulsejets. (I am not sure I understand the differences at this stage.)

I have operated a friends pulsejet and have nearly finished a ramjet based on my pre/ill-conceived ideas picked up from an understanding of harmonics and gas flows while racing two stroke motorcycles and lessons learnt running the pulsejet.

Have seen references to FOA and EOFP here, and was wondering if you could please expand on these and/or give me any other references to further my learning,


Phil A.

"All is not always as it seems"

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