Ramjet fitted to rocket

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Ramjet fitted to rocket

Post by Zippiot » Fri Jun 16, 2006 11:33 pm

I want to build a rocket with a ramjet added to superboost the altitude. I have been told it will take a G class motor (no problem now that I make my own). And now that I will have a shiny new welder soon this seems to be a decent project.

What I will need:

To find out how fast the rocket will go and build a ramjet around that (motor size can be boosted up from G but I want to keep it as small as possible).

Find a way to accurately determine how long it will fly, a rocket without a parachute flying that high is unacceptable!

Parachute ejection, cheapest type that is reliable.

Fuel type and delivery. I was thinking propane/butane/mapp stored in an aluminum pipe midway up the rocket. I was thinking that as soon as I ignite the rocket the fuel should turn on too, just so that it has the best chance of ignition of the ramjet. Possibly a steel pipe if no one has any objections...

Help with some math determining fuel flow, intake and exhaust diameters and a few others...

If anyone can help its greatly appreciated; and if anyone thinks I'm crazy please voice your opinion, as I donnot want to send a falling ball of propane on my neighbors (to start off I wont be doing it in my backyard so dont worry about that)
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re: Ramjet fitted to rocket

Post by marksteamnz » Sat Jun 17, 2006 1:46 am

Have you been to http://www.alt-accel.com/?

Glen drops into this forum occasionally and could probably help you.
Mark Stacey

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