Vintage Ramjet Model Engine Plans [e-Bay]

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Re: Vintage Ramjet Model Engine Plans [e-Bay]

Post by Mark » Mon Dec 27, 2004 3:09 pm

Here's some mix and match you can buy on eBay.
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Re: Vintage Ramjet Model Engine Plans [e-Bay]

Post by larry cottrill » Mon Dec 27, 2004 7:41 pm

mk wrote:These M.E.W. guys really found a market niche.
They sold obviously soooo nice and simple toys, which were (and still are) no toys and not as simple to build when someone wanted (and still wants) to get the same results in look and operation.

I doubt the boxed 601 was 100 percent made out of copper. Surely copper plated steel. Then the brazing or welding work wouldn't be visible and the engine really does look more precious this way.
I don't know if rust protection was also a target or even the main target (Were the "normal" 601s made out of mild or stainless steel?; How expensive and how available was stainless steel these days?).
I bought two of them, from a B&W ad in a model magazine. There was no coating of any kind on any of it, and they took on surface rust pretty quickly. The pan and tube were incredibly thin sheet steel, maybe 28 gauge or something; the chamber was a conventional CO2 cylinder [high strength steel] with the nose end lathed back, drilled out and tapped; the nozzle was a steel turning with a soft washer. The mounting bracket for the tube was more stamped steel; the three legs had tabs that went through the tube and were locked with a quarter twist. All that leaves is the wire bales that held the pan [seemed to be music wire] and the cotton wick that had some winding and stitching at both ends to hold it together.

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