Thermojet combustion chamber rear end geometry?

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Thermojet combustion chamber rear end geometry?

Post by Dav_Daddy » Sat May 09, 2020 7:16 am

Thus far I've always run a flat rear wall on my combustion chamber, previously with a spark plug in the center. Is there any gains to be made by doming the back wall some?

It seems like there could be something there, or on the other hand it could change where the static pressure wave forms and do nothing but throw the whole thing out of whack? I remember a long time ago somewhere on this or another forum someone said that an organ tuner (like at a church or ballpark) would be the ideal person to design a pulsejet. I'm tempted to go find a church musicians site or something and see if I can find someone's brain to pick.

In theory logically there should be some rules of thumb or equations or something where you can get constructive and/or destructive interference on your side, right? Kinda like how a phased array radar on a military jet can cut through jamming or interference, and even burn out the receiver of the guy at the SAM sight trying to tracking them. You'd figure a lot of that should be transferrable to what we do in some fashion or another? I understand enough physics to know that sound and light waves behavior can diverge drastically outside of a Bose-Einstein condensate yet it still feels like something should be there. Don't rogue waves occur in the ocean based on these same principals?

I'm beginning to suspect that I know just enough to confuse myself...

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