Big Linear FWE for a Paying Client

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SUCCESS (Re: Big Linear FWE for a Paying Client)

Post by larry cottrill » Sun May 01, 2011 2:03 am

Got a call yesterday about noon, and the client said they now have it really roaring. They do not feel it is quite as powerful as the original prototype (linear version), but it is apparently plenty good enough to proceed with their experimentation (i.e. proprietary process development). They have been held back by some unseasonably cold days and a lot of the really terrible weather that battered them down south.

I'll see if I can get another little movie, before they hang all their experimental gear on it. They had to use about 2.25 inches of tailpipe extension. They are using a high speed fuel nozzle just aft of the flare, and they say it starts right up every time without starting air.

L Cottrill

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