Even the Cheapest Jet Should Breathe Like a Reynst!

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Postby jmhdx » Tue May 18, 2004 6:22 pm

Good day gentleman, relax and make peace with the day.
I took it that Larry was pointing out that most engine builders find lengths that start and leave it at that. He's right to remind us that cold starting and hot running deserve more attention than has been discussed here.
He knows the length needs to be altered but like me doesn't have a suitable model yet to test and confirm which way to go.
My tests have shown an increase in frequecy with tube temp increases and fuel increases and the optimal hot running lengths should therfore be calculated if efficiency is a goal.
An adjustable length intake for me is not an option, I dont do moving parts.
Oh and guys, I think we should call this thread complete.
In fact, none of this is.
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