1st pulse jet

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Post by Mark » Wed Dec 27, 2006 3:16 am

I like that vise grip chain idea. I once got the most enormous vice grips free from Harbor Freight when I was offered a free gift with the purchase of my 36 inch metal lathe. Is that a Chatillion brass scale you are using Dave?
Man, you guys must be making a lot of noise with those engines. I've never had the pleasure of anything more than the smaller engines. But any are too loud without hearing protection. I think pulsejets and deserts go together, or maybe even out over the ocean. There's not many places for an auditory elephant to roam.
That's why I like to dabble with smaller forms of pulsating combustion, to try to make something new, entertaining, and useful. It's just as hard and challenging, certainly I've gone crazy trying, but in a fun way most times.
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1st Pulse-jet

Post by Dave_G » Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:32 pm

Mark wrote:Is that a Chatillion brass scale?

Yes. It's a model IN-50. It has dual scales: 0-50 Lb & 0-25 kg.

I made a welded stainless wire cage for it so it doesn't drag on the ground and get all scarfed up.

The red button 'holds' the maximum reading and it usually does a good job despite the vibration, but as I learned recently, not always. So now I have the scale attached directly to the cart instead of 20-30' away, so I can watch it during the run.

I checked your link for the 100-pounder. Pricey little devils, aren't they? I bought mine new from McMaster-Carr and it was a little spendy too. Ebay is loaded with used ones, it's just that they're usually in pretty bad condition and it's harder to find the ones with reading hold.


Hopefully now you've got some idea as to how easy/simple a thrust stand can be and will get one going soon! Good luck with your motor and let us know how it turns out thrust-wise.
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