'Smooth Lady' - Easiest-To-Build FWE Ever

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re: 'Smooth Lady' - Easiest-To-Build FWE Ever

Post by Bob » Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:30 am

Ahh Yes He could have led a normal life..... but actually I was bitten by the bug long ago but it has reared its ugly head once again in the hopes of comeing alive once again !
I have taken siditives, aspbrins even Whisky, to styfle the growing urge in me to hear loude noises and see shooting flames but alas , nothing seams to work, the 2 jet engines hainging on the wall of my workshop are dusty and have gone untouched for at least a year now.... but I think watching the videos of the running pulse jets have brought the urge back to life with renewed striength ! I am doomed ... but I'm already half deft so what do I have to loose !?
I have tried to Slow the progress of this sickness by indulging in melting Alumimum in my furnace powered by kerosean and a big fan , but it only helps for a little while
soon the urge to build bigger and better flame makers grows !
Between the two illnesses Assoiated with Gyros and Pulse jets
I have another Sickness, one of wanting to Fly Anything... I have no name for this sickness , and i do believe it is inherited from my father
who also exhibits many of the same symptoms !
So Following Bruno's Advice I seek Help,....
lord knows I sure need it !
thank you Dr. Bruno , for your Refural <grin>

"the impossable is only a little bit harder"

larry cottrill
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re: 'Smooth Lady' - Easiest-To-Build FWE Ever

Post by larry cottrill » Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:52 pm

Bob -

Just go to my home page:

Click on 'Engines' - then, scroll down to the one you want and use the links. Once you get down to the 'Short Lady', you'll find lots of links to check out.

Back on this site, be sure to find Eric's 'Advanced FWE' and download his drawing. That's basically the Short Lady with improved dimensions and a simpler intake (it doesn't reach down into the middle of the chamber). That's one of the best versions you can build, performance-wise.

L Cottrill

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