Tesla's Valvular Conduit

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Re: Tesla's Valvular Conduit

Post by Bruno Ogorelec » Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:01 pm

sockmonkey wrote:
Bruno Ogorelec wrote:Yes, that one was reportedly tested by Messerschmitt successfully, but why would you need one? What's wrong with the simple bending of the tube backwards? It's not like youl need fantastic aerodynamic qualities in real life. You are not building a cruise missile, right?
No, but it's nice to have the option. :wink:
Seriously though, the straight-line compactness is an advantage in mounting it and I must confess to preferrring the look as well. Also, it becomes possible to use it as the core of a ramjet.

How does the Messer compare to the Lockwood interms of fuel use, power-weight ratio, and efficiency?
Messerschmitt did you one better -- they used the pulsejet as the ramjet at higher speeds. They used a fancy irising air valve to increase the air supply from relatively low for low-speed pulsating combustion to high for high-speed constant combustion.

I have no idea on fuel consumption, weight, thrust etc. Try to find the original article on the engine and have it translated.

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Re: Tesla's Valvular Conduit

Post by sockmonkey » Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:50 pm

Bruno Ogorelec wrote:Try to find the original article on the engine and have it translated.
So far I found this clip which is only slightly related to what we want but still interesting.
A search yielded several good diagrams of it on here but that's about it. The name is too common with regard to engines to narrow the search enough on Google.

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