Electromechanical Hybrid Pulsejet Project

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Electromechanical Hybrid Pulsejet Project

Post by Hayabusa » Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:04 am

Hello Jeters,

I am mechanising a pulsejet. Its simple pulse jets need air pressure to start so im adding a fan. Pulse jets revs can not be controlled so im making the valves spin combined with the fan blade. For this to be successful i will control the fan (turbine) speed and make it variable. Ill add rpm feedback and program it to respond accordingly. Im also guessing the vortex from the turbine may disrupt the pulse dynamics
So i would also like to add an mechanically adjustable exhaust spike to help with tuning. If a votex stops the combustion ill use electronic valves.

Remember its 2016 (2017 next month) so there is lots of mini rc gear (mmm quadcopters lol) and electronics to help me make this happen. I have solidworks and my welder and 3D printer are ready its all going to be programmable so please tell me if im crazy or if its been done before?

Its time to get our pulsejets off the ground! (40km straight up would be nice 8) )
Does this make it a PDE or something else...Hybrid Pulsejet
What are your ideas about this pros, cons, things im going to have to overcome?


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Re: Electromechanical Hybrid Pulsejet Project

Post by Mark » Fri Dec 02, 2016 3:00 pm

Here's another spinning valve perhaps of interest. The simple spring flap valve has evolved as well lasting for 24 hours according to Tharratt. Mechanically timed valves will be challenging figuring out how to sense and respond to pressure fluctuations rapidly.
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