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Post by Hank » Fri Oct 31, 2003 7:11 pm

Hello- Yes, Bruno, Britian (BBC) sure has a marketshare of my head.
When five O' clock rolls around its BBC and Deutche Welle that gives me the news of the day. A lot of what passes for news on some of the local networks and CNN just isn't to me.
A few years back the Russian news service had a half hour broadcast here in the states. It was pulled after a while. I liked the quality.
That Italian Game Show sounds interesting. We don't hear much from them here. We also don't see many of their automobiles anymore.

I posed this question in another post. Does anyone out there have any data on the second working cycle of pulsed combustion? R'/R". I'm working on a diffuser and would like to know what other folks have found regarding the operation of this bit of the duct.


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