How to Design Build and Test Pulse Jet Engine.

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Re: How to Design Build and Test Pulse Jet Engine.

Post by Mark » Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:43 pm

[quote="noclassmac1972"]Mark on the valve of the glowstick I have a picture of it somewhere! Which I will try and find for you. Its one very complicated piece of work and Its definately not something we could whip up in the shed... Its sort of like reed valve from a Cox engine (same principle) but much more complicated..

Where does the little maze reed valve sit on this carburetor? Does the reed function as the sole gate for the air intake? Normally isn't that reed is made for controlling fuel flow?
Here's a picture of the carburetor I believe is used on the jet stick.
The maze/spider web valve

As an aside, I was just looking at some .049 reeds on Google and they aren't star shaped anymore, they come in metal and clear or opaque plastic material and look simple to make.
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