my first pulsjet

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my first pulsjet

Post by haaken » Thu Mar 18, 2004 10:13 pm

Hi, im building my first pulsjet. I have calculated dimentions for 78 lbs ( 35 kg metric ) of thrust.

Here is the dimentions:

Exhaust pipe diameter : 5 Inch

Exhaust pipe lenght : 34.11

Combustion chamber lenght :11.34
Exhaust cone lenght :11.34
combustion chamber diameter 7.28

I am going to use argus type valves.

The plate that the valves rest against has 5 slots measuring 45X17 milimeters.

There are 4 of these plates, two of them forming a "V".
It is two of these "V"s velded to the front plate that has 2 holes measuring
41.92X144.21 milimeters.

The angle between eatch plate of the 2 forming eatch "v" is 31 degrees

The valves are overlapping 3.4 mm of the edges in each slot cut in the valve resting plate.

For fueling i am planning to use 3 steel tubes drilled with small holes so the fuel can enter the combustion chamber.
These vill be located 3 inc deep in the combustion chamber.

So if anyone has some opninions on my design, ill be glad too hear.


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Post by mk » Thu Mar 18, 2004 10:55 pm

Try to build some kind of spoiler/ diffuser as they did for the Argus engine. In one of the documents I downloaded is the developement of this spoiler shown. It improves the air/fuel mixing process very much, by building up vortices behind this big shaped venturi. The free space next to the spoiler is a must in this case.

The valve angle looks ok. Retainer plates are useful when building V-cases. They should be at least as long as a half valve and should get curved shape with a bending radius of about 65...70mm (for valves to 35mm length).

I can't tell you whether the lengths are ok, sorry.

Good luck!

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