Starting a Valved Pulse Jet

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Starting a Valved Pulse Jet

Post by Flyinfool » Tue May 28, 2024 3:03 am

I am new here.
I have an ER100? from Hubert. I have not been able to get it to start.
I have been following all of the recommendations in the paperwork that came with the PJ.
I am using a fuel pump from a 160 class turbine powered thru a speed control running off of a 6 cell NiMh pack.
I have a spark generator going to the stock spark plug on the top of the PJ.
I tried an electric leaf blower and had little activity at all, It may just have not been big enough.
Best so far was using an air compressor at 120psi with a blow gun.
All of the fuels I have tried have 5% oil added for the pump.
With each fuel I have I have started with the pump at a very low speed and worked my way up very slowly until it was obvious that I was putting in way to much fuel.
I first tried it with straight Kero
Then tried 40/60 Gasoline/Kero, then 50/50 and 60/40.
With all fuels all I get a large individual pops and lots of flames.
One I stop adding fuel I can get it to run a short bit (about 1 second) while it burns off the puddles in the combustion chamber.
I have no clue as to how much fuel I should be putting in to run so I keep trying all settings from way to little to way to much and everything between.

The next thing I was going to try was mixing propane with the compressor air to see if that can get some fire before adding in the Kero. But again I have no idea how much propane flow is needed. I would hate to have to much and then have it find the spark. :shock:
I am also unable to find any info on how I should be adding the propane, Mixing it with the compressor air, separate propane line and just blow in plain air.

I have watched every vid I can find on You tube but there is always just a brief glimpse of the starting equipment from to far away to see how it is built. Some use propane some just start using the onboard fuel.

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