Classic Twenty Thousand Leagues Artwork

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Classic Twenty Thousand Leagues Artwork

Post by larry cottrill » Sun Feb 07, 2010 3:30 am

Well, gee, friends -- everybody else here is trying to sell their pulsejet stuff so I didn't know whether I could do this. But, the description says, "Anything you need or want to sell goes here." So, here we go, and I guess some other moderator can blow it out of the water if it isn't appropriate. Basically, this is Cottrill Money Making Scheme no. 8,372 ...

As many know, I was once a professional photographer, and of course, old pros NEVER get rid of their equipment, because, well, you just never know ... So, I also have my grandfather's original 1922 edition of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea with beautiful glorious color plates by the late great illustrator Milo Winter. Since today's copyright laws don't apply to anything before 1923, my thinking was, why not offer these beautiful illustrations as 11x17 inch color posters?

I'll only show a couple of examples here, but there are actually eight different illustrations to choose from. But wait - there's more! For each one, you can choose either a "portrait" oriented poster of the color plate alone, OR a side-by-side shot of the illustration with its facing page from the book, in "landscape" format. Obviously, the color plate will only be half size in the latter. If this description is unclear, just check out the examples below.

You can see them all at - and even if you have a look but decide not to order, you are certainly free to reply with a critique of my sales page and/or the basic product idea. I can always use some help in doing it better.


L Cottrill
"The Canadian, his body thrown slightly backward,
brandished his harpoon in an experienced hand."
Copyright 2010 Larry Cottrill
Ned_Land_crop1.jpg (46.48 KiB) Viewed 4004 times
This "diptych" image shows the frontispiece at the left, facing the title page.
This is exactly what you see at the front of the book.
Copyright 2010 Larry Cottrill
"He threw himself aside with amazing quickness,
avoiding the shock of collision and at the same
second driving his dagger into its side."
Copyright 2010 Larry Cottrill
Shark_crop1.jpg (39.66 KiB) Viewed 4006 times
All other "diptych" posters have the color plate on the right side,
since this is how they occur in the original printing.
Copyright 2010 Larry Cottrill
"The unhappy sailor was brandished in the air
at the caprice of this huge trunk."
Copyright 2010 Larry Cottrill
Poulps_crop1.jpg (42.9 KiB) Viewed 4005 times
Small image of how the "diptych" would appear.
Copyright 2010 Larry Cottrill

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