Beck Technologies: Adv FWE Valveless $145 USD

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Beck Technologies: Adv FWE Valveless $145 USD

Post by Eric » Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:38 am

Beck-Technologies Advanced FWE Valveless Pulsejet Engine

$145.00 USD + Shipping

Due to the ever increasing price of stainless, the price may increase in the future, although I try to keep things as reasonable as possible.

This thread is a copy of my ebay auction listings, you may see these engines on ebay, better known as feebay, but we do not have them listed 100% of the time, but you can still purchase directly through us using Paypal.

We can also do custom modifications of any of these, such as different materials, injection orifices, pressure taps, and heat exchange coils etc etc.


This engine package includes the FWE valveless pulsejet, spark plug, 16" of 1/4" DIA stainless fuel injector line, and Instruction CD

It is simple, elegant, and has no moving parts, and is capable of producing over 2 pounds of thrust. Valveless pulsejets are a very affordable way to get into the jet propulsion hobby. A cheap used turbine can cost $2000 easy, with pulsejets you can get a small hobby engine for less than 1/10th that. Because of this, the FWE valveless pulsejet is an excellent entry level engine, and would be great for high school and college science and research projects.

The engine is made from 20 gauge 304 stainless steel, and is heavy duty enough to run statically on high throttle for very long periods of time with no harm to the engine. It is entirely TIG welded, and tested 100% leak free.

I have gotten sick and tired of people selling crap engines on ebay, and destroying the pulsejet market. I am not a fly by night operation, and have many many happy repeat customers. The advanced FWE is my offering of a rugged, long lasting, high quality engine that any hobbyist can afford, and guaranteed to run.

There are spot welded thermojet pulsejet engines being sold , which leak like crazy. If a pulsejet leaks it loses its ability to compress and expell air, and max thrust, and throttle range is also severely damaged by leaks. A few little leaks will still let an engine run, but many members of the pulsejet community have purchases these spot welded engines that simply have huge holes at the base of the intakes and leak like a siv between the spot welds. If you can get a leaky engine to self sustain without forced air, it is most certainly not going to run as well as an engine with no leaks. Also I do not make a profit on shipping or charge $30 extra for a fuel injector.

Why buy a leaky spot welded engine when you can buy a solid tig welded engine with fuel injector for the same price as the junk engines.

An Advanced FWE running at high throttle with test stand (test stand and mounting hardware not included in this auction)

The FWE valveless pulsejet is 25.375" long including the spark plug. It has a max diameter of 2.5" and a tail pipe diameter of 1.25". The engine is made from 20 gauge stainless steel, which gives it great strength but still keeps it at a light 1.4 pounds.

Close up of the intake on the running engine


The engine, brand new, never run. It will remain as shiny in the picture until it is run.
Once run, it will change color, but can be polished to a mirror finish if you want to have it for display afterwards.

Each engine is made with the same flaring tools and welding jigs, ensuring each one is made to tolerances and that there is zero "burn through" on any of the critical weld joints, making them smooth on the inside and very strong. Each engine is inspected and leak tested to make sure it is 100% leak free, and is gaurenteed to run. The engine is brand new, never run, and will remain shiny like in the above picture until it is run, after running they will turn a golden brown color from the heat.

The engine also comes with a copy of the Beck-Technologies Pulsejet CD. The CD has the builders guides, pictures, video, tutorial videos, and plans how to build your own pulsejets, as well as lots of full size high quality digital pictures and video of the FWE engines, and a short FWE specific instruction manual and starting tutorial video, detailing several ways to set up, and start the engine.

The fuel injector line is for propane, propane is the easiest of all the fuels to start with, it is self contained and able to be throttled by using the tank valve, more advanced hobbyists can make a simple injector for liquid fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, methanol etc.

If you have any experience with liquid fueled rc vehicles you should have no problem setting up a small fuel pump and getting the engine to run on almost any liquid fuel.

To see more pictures of this engine and a starting tutorial video feel free to visit:

If you have any other questions feel free to send an email.


Engine Stats:

Length: 26.25 with spark plug / 64.5 cm

Max Diameter: 2.5" / 6.4 cm

Tail Diameter: 1.25 / 3.2 cm

Weight / Mass: 1.4 LBS / 635 grams

Thrust: 2 LBS / 910 grams

Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption: 2.0 lbs fuel per lb thrust per hour with propane (less when augmented)

Once again this engine package includes:
Stainless FWE valveless pulsejet engine
Spark plug
16" of 1/4" Stainless fuel injector line for propane
Pulsejet Plans CD with pictures, video tutorials, plans to make your own engines, and more!

Extras you can purchase for this engine:
Display and mounting stand $15
Light weight aluminum thrust augmenter $40
Boxed model T push button ignition system with safety key $125


Shipping in the US will be by priority mail unless other shipping method is requested.

International shipping available by USPS Global Express Mail, which comes with tracking and insurance.

For international orders customs can sometimes be a delay, while the majority of items go through quickly and without incident, if you do not get your item in a timely manner do not wait weeks or months to to say anything!


Pulsejets, even small ones are absolutely not toys, they are for mature and responsible hobbyists. They get orange hot, and produce so much radiant heat that they can burn things close to them. They are also EXTREMELY loud. Pulsejets can be a fun and safe hobby if you follow a few simple safety rules like wearing hearing, and eye protection, and keeping the engine away from any flammable materials.

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