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Mike Everman
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Forum Decorum

Post by Mike Everman » Tue Jun 03, 2008 7:25 pm

Personal attacks are not allowed here! This is a place full of opinions and contributors from all walks of life.
Please remember that everyone has an opinion, and they are just that, opinions. If your knowledge in an area is greater than a contributor that has a differing opinion, you MUST find a calm way to disagree, or ignore them entirely.

I take censoring very seriously.
At the same time, I may not catch a personal attack on a contributor that begins a flame war, and many times I cannot catch it before there is big trouble and bad feelings. This is not such a large community that we can exclude or berate or otherwise carry out personal agendas.
I regret that I have not caught some attacks in the recent past, and I need everyone to know that it will not be tolerated.

I ask that if a person rubs you the wrong way, please ignore them. If I have not taken action, the injured party should please email me instead of responding in kind!

Know that if there is a personal attack in a post, I will delete the post summarily. I will not be spending time editing out snippets of a long post. Habitual attackers will be banned!
Your unsavory post will be replaced with, in bold red letters: "This post contained a personal attack, and my post has been deleted by the administrator."

Everyone has a right to contribute on every thread, unless we all decide that the thread needs moderating to keep it on topic. You may request that a contributor "keep it on topic, please". Please refrain from asking them to leave the topic.

Mike Everman,
Owner, Administrator,
Mike Often wrong, never unsure.

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