Russian Fighter

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Russian Fighter

Post by PyroJoe » Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:15 pm

Is this rumor or the real deal?


Pulse jet engine will be created in Russia

According to, research and development center named after Lulka, the branch of NPO Saturn, is working on development of pulse jet engine. It has been declared by managing director of Saturn, Ilya Fedorov. The development is conducted in parallel with next generation engine project (Item 129) for T-50 (PAK FA) fighter. According to Fedorov, Saturn is working on "next-generation aircraft", which will possibly be unmanned.

However, Fedorov has not specified the type of developed pulse jet engine. Three types of pulse jet engines are known at the moment: valvular, valveless and explosion. These power plants have the following principle of operation: fuel and oxidant are periodically supplied to the combustion chamber, where the ignition of blended fuel takes place and jet thrust is generated by outflow of combustion gases from the nozzle.

Pulse jet engine was invented at the end of 19th century by Swedish engineer Martin Viberg. New power plant was being used during the Second World War on V-1 missiles. These missiles have been equipped with Argus As-014 engine manufactured by Argus-Werken. The power plant was cheap and had an easy design, but it yielded to the existing engines.

Some of the world's leading defense companies are carrying out research in the area of high-efficient pulse jet engines. In particular, the research is being carried out by SNECMA, General Electric and Pratt & Whitney


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