Flaming Jets Drive Novel Aircraft

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Flaming Jets Drive Novel Aircraft

Post by Mark » Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:42 pm

1935 review.
"The plane has no motor in the accepted sense of the word."
"Other experimenters work on the same problem. Dr Albert C Erickson, an assistant of Dr Goddard, the American pioneer rocket experimenter, has, it is said, developed an engine in which added force is obtained by the use of a rotary disk in the exhaust. This, like a television disk, scans the explosion, so to speak; changing it from a constant blast to a series of puffing explosions. They might be apparently continuous, to the ear, at a rate as high as 600 a second. This, he believes, is more effective than a steady push. Developments may be eagerly awaited."
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Re: Flaming Jets Drive Novel Aircraft

Post by ace_fedde » Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:58 pm

I've been thinking about that before :D , seems everything has been done before :( .
Don't know what kind of engine "your man" is using there, but I was thinking of spliting a GT's exhaust flow, with a disk or something, into two (or more) pulsating flows, and then (more efficiently) augment them with unsteady ejectors (as we use on PJs).
Unsteady ejectors get a much higher entrainement ratio then steady ejectors.
But of course it is very well possible that the gains we might make that way, we already lost, due to inefficiencies, during the splitting of the exhaust flow...

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