Electric dragster

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Electric dragster

Post by ace_fedde » Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:12 pm

Ok, that's not a jet vehicle but it will go like it has a jet! :D

Through a friend who has to install ultracapacitors for a project at work, I stumbled on the data of these ultracapacitors:

Look at the last unit. This is a unit in which a lot of capacitors are combined. During 1 second it can deliver 3930 amps at 125, let's say 100, volts!!

That is around 400 kW (=510 hp) for one second :roll: , out of 58 kgs (120 lbs). Combine a few and you have enough power to make a 1/4 mile run.

The only problem I foresaw was the huge size and weight of the electric motor, :D till I found this thread :D :


Haha! ultralight high-power electric motors!! Thanks Axel for sharing the existence :D

Would like to make this a project but I already have a million projects :(

Your scepticism is fuel for my brain.

Axel Borg
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Re: Electric dragster

Post by Axel Borg » Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:15 am

You sure could have fun with a pair of those! :D


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