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Taking the Pulse

Post by Mark » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:26 pm

Some old news for review. I was just now reading this 2004 magazine from my brother and fortuitously found the same article online.

"In addition to participating in NASA's LEAP effort, Pratt & Whitney is currently working with Boeing on a U.S. Navy program aimed at developing a pure PDE for a Mach 2-4 standoff weapon that has a range of several hundred miles."
"Under that effort, the engine-maker tested a full-scale, flight frequency flow-path demonstrator on a teststand at the Navy's China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center (Calif.). The year-long tests, which concluded late in 2003, examined a five-tube PDE where each tube fired at 80 Hz. The tubes for this engine were 4 in. in dia. and 30 in. long, and the en-gine was capable of generating about 1,500 Ib. thrust at 50,000 ft."

"Pratt & Whitney also recently completed rig tests of a new PDE nozzle design called a compound choke nozzle. The component efficiently expands combustion gas-es to atmospheric pressure, officials said. "Expansion is very important in this technology because you're dealing with an unsteady process. To get the full benefit of a constant volume system, expansion must be as efficient as possible," Bussing explained."
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